Gopro Plus case 08420107

Sorry to contact you throuth LinkedIn, I’m really desperate.

First of all, thank you very much for your attention.
I’m desperate and I don’t know where to search for help anymore…

It is regarding the Gopro Plus case 08420107

Even though I’m GoPro Plus (I am supposed to be) it is absolutely impossible to contact customer service through the web, I keep receiving the message all the time that they will call me back, and no one calls. And even though I’m a GoPro Plus subscriber it does not give me the chance to open a chat.

I really need some help, please, since the price of the camera is half of my monthly income and I sent it to be replaced like 4 months ago and I have heard not notice afterward.

This is how it all went:

  • I’ve been formerly GoPro plus subscriber for quite a long time with the email monica.lorenzo@gmail.com
  • During the pandemic, I canceled my subscription since freelance like me stopped working
  • With the assistance of a phone call from one of your team members I renewed my subscription again (i think around October)
  • During that same phone call GoPro team sent me some documents to send the camera to be replaced
  • I sent the camera through UPS
  • I waited for more than 1 month and no news (I was told it will take a while since packages had to wait 14 days before being opened due to the pandemic)
  • Time went by and no news about my camera.
  • I tried to contact you through the website (I guarantee you I tried at least once a day) but I kept getting the error message, that chat was unavailable for me and no option to receive a phone call)
  • I checked my subscription and realized I was on (I can access to my pictures and my cloud) but no charge was done on my credit card, so I kept updating the payment details just in case that was the problem. But no charge was done never!
  • Just last month (3 months later) I imagined maybe the problem was my account so I changed the email to monica@monicalorenzo.es and created a new account with monica.lorenzo@gmail.com with the same credit card details.
    And this is what happens every time I try to contact the web 

I tried to contact again the web and FINALLY someone called me back and the woman told me GOPRO DOES NOT HAVE MY CAMERA

I’m desperate, I’ve lost the email customer service sent me with the PDF of the details to send the camera through UPS and I don’t have the tracking number.

I’ve called my bank to make sure payment is made, and they confirmed my payment is authorized

I’ve called UPS to see if they can help me and they say they need at least the shipping delivery address (your address) or the tracking number
And I’ve been with this problem for more than 3 months now

I feel I’m talking to a wall, I feel helpless, I don’t know what else can I do

I don’t mind if you replace the camera or not, I just would like to recuperate my camera. I can pay for the shipment. 

Please, would you be so kind to please help me get in contact with the proper department to see if there is anything I can do to recuperate my camera?

  • Maybe resend me the shipping details so I can claim UPS the delivery documents
  • Maybe locate my camera. I can pay for the shipping expenses to recuperate it
  • Maybe just remind me of the shipping address, so UPS can look for the tracking number.

Thank you so much for your attention

Any help will be very welcome.

Best regards,
Mónica Lorenzo

tel: (+34) 656920964

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